How to Troubleshoot a John Deere 445

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The John Deere 445 garden tractor is designed for mowing large lawns or fields.

The John Deere 445 is a multipurpose garden tractor manufactured from 1992 to 2001. Using a 22-horsepower, liquid-cooled engine, the 445's popularity stemmed from its available power steering and cruise control and 54-inch mower deck, although a 48-inch and 60-inch mower deck are also options. The heavy-duty frame also made it ideal for attaching a variety of other implements, such as loaders and tillers. Although designed to be a strong and sturdy machine, issues with the garden tractor arise over time that some quick troubleshooting can correct.


Step 1

Check the fuel level and refill if necessary. If the engine is low on fuel, or is using the wrong grade of fuel, this will affect performance.

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Step 2

Clear the fuel filter and air intake of any dirt or debris as this may prevent the engine from running properly or even starting.

Step 3

Inspect the spark plugs and clean of any dirt of corrosion that may have built up. Replace the spark plugs if they are burned out or are providing insufficient electrical discharge, which will interfere with engine start.

Step 4

Replace the oil if it appears dirty or add extra lubricant if the levels appear low. Engine knocking will occur if there is dirty oil or an insufficient level of oil being used.


Step 5

Check the coolant level in the radiator and refill if necessary. Low coolant levels will cause overheating.

Step 6

Remove and dirty or debris from the front grille, radiator screen or radiator cooling fins as this can also cause the engine to overheat.

Step 7

Inflate the tire with the recommended amount of air. Low air pressure in the tires can affect steering.

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