How to Put Snow Plow on Cub Cadet Tractor

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Things You'll Need

  • Wood blocks

  • Pliers

  • Hammer

  • Snow blade kit

Cub Cadet lawn tractors are designed to accept several attachments to increase their usefulness. One of the most useful is the snow-plow blade attachment. These are available directly from the Cub Cadet manufacturer or from higher-end tractor supply companies. These blades are made for simple connection with the minimum amount of effort or tools required. You should use an assistant to aid in installation and heavy lifting to avoid any injury.


Step 1

Lower the Cub Cadet mower deck to the ground by adjusting the height control lever. Place blocks of wood under the deck if it does not lower fully to the ground so it is supported for removal of the locking pins.

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Step 2

Locate the pins holding the deck to the frame, and use pliers to pull the cotter keys from the pins. Lightly tap the pins with a hammer to remove them and place both the pins aside. Slide the deck out from under the mower and store it.

Step 3

Position the frame for the snow plow under the mower frame and align the holes in the plow frame with the holes in the mower frame. Slip the pins back through the holes and lock them in place with the cotter keys.

Step 4

Maneuver the snow-plow blade so it is in front of the mower and the mounting holes are near those in the mounting bracket. Have an assistant help lift and hold the blade in place while you slide the blade mounting pin through the holes. Lock the pin using by inserting the cotter key through the pin.


Step 5

Adjust the handle that controls the raising and lowering of the blade. This is the same handle the controlled the height of the mower deck originally. Choose a height approximately 1/2-inch from the ground and lock the handle into position.


Keep any parts removed from the Cub Cadet in a safe place and where they will not become damaged until needing reinstalled.


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