How to Repair a Gate Valve on a Spa

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Things You'll Need

  • Valve stem

  • Valve gate

  • Nut o-ring

  • Plumber's tape

  • Teflon tape

  • Screwdriver

Repair your spa's gate valve to enable correct water flow through the spa plumbing.

Spas or hot tubs house plumbing that enables the spa to circulate water properly. Spa plumbing comes in many forms and consists of a series of tubes and valves. One valve commonly used in spa plumbing is the gate valve. Gate valves either allow water to flow through a pipe or completely stop water flowing through a pipe. Gate valves consist of a handle, stem and gate. Turning the valve's handle rotates the stem which lowers or raises the gate to shut off or allow water flow.


Step 1

Turn the spa off at the main control switch to stop water flow to the gate valve. Loosen the nut on top of the gate valve's handle with a screwdriver and remove it.

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Step 2

Pull up on the gate valve handle to remove the valve's stem and gate. Examine the threads on the stem for stripping or other wear and replace it if necessary. Unscrew the gate from the stem and examine it for cracks or holes that could allow water through. Screw the gate or replacement gate onto the steam and insert the gate and stem back into the valve body.


Step 3

Pull the small o-ring out from inside the nut. Insert a new o-ring into the nut and screw the nut back onto the valve handle with a screwdriver, or secure the nut to the valve handle using plumber's tape or Teflon tape. This prevents water from moving up the valve and escaping out of the valve handle.


Step 4

Turn the spa on at the control panel and observe the gate valve. Ensure no water leaks from the valve. Turn the valve handle to change its position to confirm the valve operates correctly.


Check the insides of your gate valve monthly to ensure the spa circulates water properly.


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