How to Paint a Sleigh for Christmas

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Things You'll Need

  • Wooden sleigh

  • Red, White, Green, and Gold Paint

  • Paintbrush

Paint your sleigh using traditional Christmas colors.

One of the most recognizable images of Christmas is Santa's sleigh. Santa utilizes his sleigh on Christmas Eve, when he is dispersing gifts around the world. Apart from traditional Christmas decorations such as a tree or stockings, you can set up your own Santa-themed sleigh as a decoration, centerpiece or as a place to hold Christmas cards. Children instantly recognize a sleigh depending on the color scheme that is used. Paint the sleigh with traditional Christmas colors to create your own holiday sleigh.


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Step 1

Select Christmas-themed colors for your sleigh. Visit a home improvement or art supply store to buy paint. Choose several colors that are commonly used to represent Christmas, such as green, red, white, and gold.

Step 2

Paint the outside of the sleigh red using your red paint and a paint brush. Paint the front of the sleigh with the same red color.

Step 3

Color the inside of the sleigh with your green paint. Layer the entire inside of the sleigh with green paint to provide a defined seating area. Also paint the floor of the sleigh to complete the interior's look.


Step 4

Color the support stems with gold paint. The support stems are the long wooded structures connected to the bottom of the sleigh that provide support to the base and look like sleigh runners.

Step 5

Paint the small fixtures and handlebars with white paint to complete the look of a sleigh. Allow the paint to dry completely.