Directions for Making Homemade Igloos Out of Milk Jugs

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Things You'll Need

  • 140, 1-gallon milk jugs with lids

  • Water

  • Tape measure

Create a warm weather igloo by stacking water-filled milk jugs in a domed design.

An igloo is an ice or hard-packed snow home associated with the Eskimos, or Inuit Indians. An igloo is a round domed home that provides shelter. An arched tunnel type doorway is used as an entranceway into the igloo. The Inuits use blocks of ice or hard-packed snow to make an igloo. They then pack snow into the open voids between the ice blocks. Make your own igloo from milk jugs filled with sand or water.


Step 1

Fill 140, 1-gallon milk jugs with water. Close the lids securely.

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Step 2

Measure and mark a 6-foot circle on a flat surface. Place 19 milk jugs end to end around the circle, laying the milk jugs on their sides so the lids are pointing either to the left or right. Leave an opening in front for the door. Work with all milk jugs placed on their sides to create the igloo.

Step 3

Stack the second row on top of the first by placing each jug 2 inches away from the outside edge. This offsets the milk jugs and begins a pyramiding process. Offset the first jug so the end sticks into the door opening by 2 inches. Place the milk jugs end to end.

Step 4

Begin the third row by offsetting the jug 3 inches into the doorway. Sit the front of the jug 2 inches in from the front edge of the second row. Place the jugs side by side. Continue following this process until the igloo dome is created.


Step 5

Create the entranceway by placing a row of three milk jugs perpendicular to the door opening on the dome. Place a row on both sides of the door opening.

Step 6

Begin stacking the second row of milk jugs for the entrance tunnel by placing the end of the first jug against the dome. This will offset the jugs by 2 inches. Place the outside of the jug 2 inches in from the outside edge of the tunnel. Repeat the process with the opposite side. Continue with this process until the domed entrance is finished.


The weight of the water in the milk jugs will hold them in place if stacked correctly.


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