How to Make Fragrance Beads

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Things You'll Need

  • Essential oils

  • Liquid candle dye (optional)

  • Small bowl

  • Spoon

  • Unscented plastic fragrance beads

  • Glass jar with lid

Unscented fragrance beads are available at craft stores.

Aroma beads scent your home without using open flames or messy wax. These fragrant little bubbles absorb oils and colors, releasing them when heated. You may place them in a bowl on top of a candle warmer or simply set a bowl of them in a warm place, like on top of your stove while you cook. You can make these beads yourself as an inexpensive way to give your home fragrance or as a thoughtful handmade gift.


Step 1

Pour up to 1 oz. of essential oil per pound of beads you wish to scent into a bowl. If you are only scenting 1/2 pound or less of beads, use an equal fraction of 1 oz. of essential oil. For instance, 1/4 pound of beads requires only 1/4 oz. of oil. Do not add the beads to the oil yet.

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Step 2

Mix the oils carefully in the bowl. If you want to mix scents, choose up to three. More than that will muddle the fragrance. Vanilla mint, cinnamon orange, eucalyptus lavender, lemon and nutmeg are popular choices.

Step 3

Add up to five drops of candle dye to the fragrance oil, if desired. Stir the oils and dye thoroughly.

Step 4

Pour the fragrance beads into the bowl, being careful not to splash. These porous, plastic beads are made to absorb oils and are available at craft stores. Stir the beads into the oils and allow them to sit for about 24 hours.


Step 5

Pour the scented beads into a glass jar with a lid. To add scent to the room, leave the lid off and allow the beads' fragrance to emanate from the jar. When not in use, store the beads in a cool, dark, dry place with the lid on.


Place the beads into tulle sachets or cut filigree designs into the lid of the bead jar to lightly scent your room.

Baby-food jars work well for small apartments, bedrooms and bathrooms.


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