How to Get Rid of Milky Swimming Pool Water

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Things You'll Need

  • Pool filtration cleaning product

  • pH tests

  • pH reducer

  • Settling agent

  • Water clarifier

Swimming pools can become cloudy and need cleaning.

The water in a swimming pool can become milky, or cloudy, for a number of reasons: poor or insufficient water circulation; a chemical imbalance; poor or improper water filtration; and poor oxidation levels and sanitation, which leads to the early stages of algae growth. During the early stages of algae growth, the water begins to appear cloudy and milky.


Step 1

Check the swimming pool filtration system to check that the pool filters are clean and that the flow of water is continuous. Some products are available at a local pool supply store that will assist with cleaning the filtration system; follow the directions on the package.

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Step 2

Test the pH level, total alkalinity and calcium hardiness of your pool water. If the pH level and the total alkalinity levels are too high, this lessens the efficiency of the chlorine in the pool water and results in the growth of algae. If left untreated, the algae will remain until it blooms. The pH in your pool water should not exceed 7.8, and the total alkalinity in the water should not exceed 200 ppm. The calcium hardiness should not exceed 400 ppm.

Step 3

Add pH reducer to the pool water if the problem is a chemical one. The amount that you add depends on the size of the pool, and you should follow the directions on the package of the pH reducer. This will also reduce the total alkalinity level.

Step 4

Reduce the amount of calcium-based chlorine that you use to prevent the calcium hardiness level from getting too high again. In order to reduce the amount that is already in the pool water, use a settling agent and replace some of the water with fresh water.


Step 5

Add water clarifiers to the water if the water is still cloudy. This should be a last effort in clearing the milky and cloudy substance from the pool water. This type of product works by clumping together all of the small particles, in the water which makes it easier for the filters to catch them.


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