How to Install a Soffit in a Pole Barn

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Things You'll Need

  • Vinyl soffit

  • Fascia

  • J-channel

  • F-channel

  • Hammer

  • Trim nails

  • Ladder

Soffit gives your pole barn a clean and finished look.

The soffit covers the underside of your barn roof's overhang, seals off the roof from drafts and keeps out bats and other potential pests. It also gives your pole barn a finished and professional appearance. The soffit is easy to install using an interlocking system of vinyl fascia, F-channel, and J-channel.


Step 1

Attach lengths of F-channel at each end of the roof bridging the overhang and providing a nailing surface perpendicular to the barn wall. This will support the soffit. Nail the F-channel directly to the wall, centering nails in the nail slots.

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Step 2

Attach the J-channel along the full length of the barn wall, nailing the long side of the J-channel to the underside of each truss. Insert nails at 18-inch intervals, centering nails in the nail slots.


Step 3

Cut the vinyl soffit into short pieces to match the length of the overhang. Most pole barns have overhangs of about 12 inches, but measure to ensure that your pieces are the correct size. The soffit will be installed so that the ridges run perpendicular to the wall.

Step 4

Slide in each piece of soffit, fitting the end of the soffit into the J-channel, and the side of the soffit into the F-channel. Interlock each new soffit piece to make an unbroken surface. Continue until you have installed soffit along the full length of the barn wall.


Step 5

Measure the total length of your barn wall and cut one long piece of vinyl fascia to fit over the ends of the soffit. The fascia will be parallel to the wall. Allow a few extra inches when cutting, so that you can test your fascia to make sure it is long enough before trimming to exact size.


Step 6

Insert the top of the fascia under the drip edge, tucked between the metal roofing and the wood crossbeam. Slip the bottom edge of the fascia over the ends of the soffit. Nail the fascia about 1 inch from the top. If you plan to install gutters, you do not need to nail in the fascia, as the gutter structure will hold it in place.


Always follow appropriate safety precautions when working on a ladder or using construction equipment.



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