How to Build a Stage for a Stand-Alone Dancing Pole

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Things You'll Need

  • 3/4-inch thick plywood, 48 inches by 48 inches, 2 pieces

  • 2 by 6, 48 inches long, 2 pieces

  • 2 by 6, 45 inches long, 3 pieces

  • 1 3/4-inch steel pipe, 92 inches long, threaded

  • 1 3/4-inch flange

  • 1-inch wood screws

  • 2-inch wood screws

  • Ruler

  • Pencil

  • Drill with 3/8-inch and screwdriver bit

  • 1 3/4-inch hole saw

Any party host worth her salt needs to have several ways to keep her guests entertained and her parties from becoming dull. One way is to have a stage with a stand-alone dancing pole. This type of stage can fit one or two people and will provide amusement to all of your guests who watch them groove the night away. While you can go out and buy a stage like this, you should try building it yourself. This will allow you to keep costs down while having something homemade.


Step 1

Lay one of the pieces of plywood on a flat building area. Measure 2 feet along one edge to find the center of the board. Place a piece of 45-inch 2 by 6 in the center of the plywood. There should be a 1 1/2-inch gap between the edge of the 2 by 6 and the edge of the plywood. Screw the 2 by 6 to the plywood by drilling holes through the 2 by 6 with the 3/8-inch bit and then driving screws through the holes in the 2 by 6 and into the plywood.


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Step 2

Measure 22 1/2-inches along the 2 by 6 to find the center. Place the flange on the 2 by 6 at that spot. Screw the flange to the center of the 2 by 6 with the 1-inch screws.

Step 3

Build a frame by making a square with the two-48 inch pieces of 2 by 6 and the other two pieces of 45-inch 2 by 6. The pieces of 45-inch 2 by 6 should be in between the 48-inch pieces. All pieces should be oriented on their 2-inch sides. Screw the frame together by drilling holes and driving 2-inch screws through the 48-inch pieces into the ends of the 45-inch pieces.


Step 4

Place the frame on top of the plywood with the 2 by 6 attached to it. This piece of plywood is the stage base. The size of the frame should match the size of the plywood. Screw the plywood to the frame by driving 1-inch screws through the plywood into the edges of the frame.

Step 5

Measure 24 inches along one edge of the remaining piece of plywood and make a mark. Draw a line across the plywood at this location to denote the center line. Measure 24 inches along one of the sides parallel to the mark you drew and make another mark. Draw a second line across the board. The lines will meet in the exact center of the plywood. Drill a hole with the hole saw at this mark.


Step 6

Screw the pipe to the flange, so it is standing vertically and is securely fastened to the stage base.

Step 7

Slide the piece of plywood with the center hole over the pipe, so it rests on top of the wooden frame. Screw the top plywood to the frame by drilling and driving 1-inch screws through the top of the plywood and into the edges of the frame.


Paint this stage or add an outline of lights to spruce it up a bit for your guests.


Make sure the pole is not too tall for the room. Screw whatever size pipe will be appropriate for your room into the flange.



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