How to Organize Grill Tools

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Things You'll Need

  • Peg board and hooks

  • Marker

  • Deck storage box

  • Basket

Outdoor grill tools such as spatulas, forks and tongs have long handles to offer extra protection against the heat of the grill. This design makes them useful for grilling but also makes them difficult to store. Many standard kitchen drawers can't accommodate their length, and most grills don't have adequate built-in storage. There are several things you can do to create a permanent home for your grill tools so you can spend your time enjoying the cookout instead of hunting down that elusive meat fork.


Step 1

Sort through your grilling tools, weeding out old and broken pieces. Keep only tools you actually use.

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Step 2

Hang a peg board in your pantry or garage, and arrange hooks on it to hold your tools. Draw a line around each tool's shape so everyone in the family can see where it belongs when it's time to return it to the board.


Step 3

Keep a covered, watertight storage box on the deck or patio to hold extra grilling supplies. Store the grill tools in a basket that you can move easily to wherever you need it.


Step 4

Hang the tools from the grill using a utensil hanger. Some grills come with storage bars and hooks for this purpose.


Clean the tools when you're done grilling and return them to their storage area. Rain and snow can damage the wooden handles if they're left out near the grill.


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