How to Make a Christmas Bulb Wreath

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Christmas wreaths adorn walls, doors and fireplaces during the holiday season. They come in all shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of items, but few are as beautiful and as easy to make as a shiny Christmas bulb ornament wreath.


If you're making a wreath to match your holiday decorations or to give as a host gift for a celebratory gathering, a Christmas bulb wreath is the perfect home decor for the occasion. Another bonus? It won't break your holiday budget.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Here's an awesome ornament wreath tutorial on enhancing your Christmas decor with a wreath made from bright and shiny bulbs.


Things You'll Need

  • Wire coat hanger

  • Multi-colored and multi-sized glass or plastic bulb ornaments

  • Glue gun with plenty of glue sticks

  • Wide satin ribbon

  • 1 foot of 20-gauge craft wire

Make the Bulb Wreath

1. Shape the metal Christmas wreath hanger

Unwind the coil of the metal hanger from the hook of the hanger so you have a continuous piece of metal. Do not straighten the hook.


2. Create the wreath base

Bend the open hanger into a circle but do not close the circle. This wreath form will become the foundation for shatterproof ornaments.


3. Form the base of the bulb wreath

Thread the glass or plastic Christmas bulbs onto the wire hanger circle loop. This will form the base of the Christmas tree wreath. Thread them individually by alternating colors of shatterproof ornaments in various sizes.




Find good deals on silver ornaments and other baubles by shopping Amazon or your local dollar store.

4. Secure and close the wreath

Re-wind the coil part of the hanger around the hook end of the hanger to close the circle of the wreath. This will make it easy to showcase your Christmas wreath on your front door, alongside greenery and pinecones.


5. Glue the bulbs

Lay the holiday wreath on your work area so that all of the bulbs are distributed to the front and sides of the wreath. It's time to start gluing the multicolor shatterproof ornaments together. Prepare your hot glue gun and get it to temperature. As you create this Christmas wreath, carefully squeeze the glue in between the ornaments.


6. Fill in gaps and bare spots

Fill in any gaps on your Christmas wreath or make it more full looking by gluing more bulbs to the wreath as you see fit.




Do not leave your hot glue gun unattended as it could cause a fire. Use care when using the glue gun to glue plastic items as some items could begin to melt from the heat of the glue.

Decorate and Hang the Wreath

1. Create a loop for hanging

Twist the hook part of the hanger down. This creates a loop for the holiday wreath to hang on a hook on the wall or front door.

2. Create the bow

Measure out enough ribbon to form the first tail. Pinch the ribbon, giving it a half twist around your thumb. Make a loop of ribbon on one side of your hand and give it a pinch and half twist. Make a loop to the other side of your hand to create the bow.

3. Finish and secure the bow

Repeat the loops for the bow until you have achieved the size you want. With your free hand, grab the craft wire and feed it through the middle of your bow, underneath your thumb. Twist both ends together tightly to secure the loops of your bow.


4. Fluff the bow

Cut the bow away from the remaining ribbon, making the second tail similar to the first. On each tail end, fold the end in half horizontally. Cut the corner off each tail starting at the fold and extending down to the end of the open ends. This forms a reverse V in the tails of your ribbon for a finished look.


Use ribbons, garland and other Christmas items to personalize your wreath. Pearl garland is an excellent touch for Victorian themed wreaths.

5. Add the finishing touches

Fluff out and position the loops of the bow for fullness. Make sure the right sides are showing. Use the same wire you used to secure the bow to attach to your wreath. This will cover the loop from which the wreath will hang.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Christmas Ball Ornament Wreath!

If you love Christmas crafts, this DIY Christmas ornament wreath is a great project and will last for years if you take care of it. Hang it somewhere where it will catch the light and have a very merry holiday season.



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