How to Convert Two Faucets Into One

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The faucets found on most modern sinks mix hot and cold water internally and that water comes out at one spout. In some installations, however, hot and cold water come from individual faucets and mix in the basin. Many homeowners prefer the single-faucet design because it allows better control of water temperature, and saves water as well. If the hole configuration of the sink meets current standards, a homeowner can remove the two faucets and replace them with a mixing faucet.


This centerset lavatory faucet will fit three holes with four-inch spacing between the outer holes.

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Things You'll Need

  • Ruler

  • Plumbing Tools

  • Replacement Faucet

Step 1

Count the number of holes in the sink deck. This number is critical to your choice of replacement faucet.


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Step 2

Measure the space between the existing faucets with a ruler in a straight line, from center to center. If there are two holes (one for each faucet), standard spacing is eight or twelve inches. Three-hole bathroom sinks typically have a spacing of four or eight inches with the third hole in the middle, while three-hole kitchen sinks have a standard spacing of eight inches between handles.


Step 3

Buy or order a faucet to fit your installation. If you have only two holes, you must buy a bridge faucet, in which water runs from the valves (handles) to the spout through a pipe above the sink deck. Three-hole sinks allow you several options, including two- and one-handle designs where water is piped to the spout under the sink deck.


Step 4

Remove the existing hot- and cold-water faucets and dispose of them properly. Clean the fittings on the supply lines and replace corroded or damaged lines.

Step 5

Install the new faucet according to the package directions.


If the holes are too widely spaced for a bridge faucet, consider installing a one-hole faucet and placing a blank cover over the unused hole.



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