How to Get Rid of Flies at Your Outdoor Party

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If you are hosting an outdoor party, then you may be worried about pesky flies bothering your well-prepared food and your guests. Keep these unappetizing pests away from your party by taking a few precautions that will shoo flies away and keep your guests happy and comfortable.

Keep flies away from your outdoor party.

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Things You'll Need

  • Battery-Operated Fans

  • Decorative Food Covers

  • Batteries

  • Insect Candles

Step 1

Invest in decorative food covers. You can buy these from online vendors, dollar stores and kitchen supply stores. As soon as you place the food on the table, cover the dishes with the decorative food covers. They will make your table look not only sanitary but colorful and professional.


Step 2

Light insect-repelling candles. Place at least one on each table. If you have a long food table, then place two to three candles. You can place one at each end and one in the middle of the table.

Step 3

Set up battery-operated fans on tables near the food tables. You can decorate these tables with vases of flowers to help disguise them.