How to Fix a Mosquito Magnet

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A Mosquito Magnet is a mosquito-catching device that creates a warm flow of carbon dioxide that mimics human breath and sucks the insects into a trap when they come near. The devices use a propane tank as fuel to create a continuous output of heat and gas. To repair a mosquito magnet can be completed at home. There are a few items that should be checked when having difficulties with the machine. Mosquito Magnet also has customer service numbers and forums online where common issues may be resolved.


Step 1

Determine what the issue is on the Mosquito Magnet. Common issues include not starting and reduced performance. There are a number of items that can be checked, cleaned and replaced.

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Step 2

Check the air flow intakes into the burner. Disconnect the propane tank before removing anything in the machine. This will require removing the the burner from the machine. It is held in place by screws. Disconnect any wires attaching to the unit and the gas feed using a wrench. The two halves of the burner are connected by screws. The air intakes are located next to the fan. Clean these out to make sure clean air is reaching the combustion chamber.

Step 3

Clean the spray nozzle. The nozzle is at the top of the combustion chamber. The flow of gas is restricted by the nozzle and tends to get gummed up. Remove the nozzle with the wrench carefully and clean it with acetone. Blow air through the nozzle with a compressor. Do not stick anything into the nozzle holes because that may damage it.


Step 4

Check the quick clear valve. Reassemble the burner and place back into the machine. The quick clear valve is at the back of the machine. It looks like the a tire valve on your car. To check if the valve is working turn the machine on and place a cap over the valve, you can even use the cap from one of your car tires to close the valve off. Place a small amount of soapy water on the valve and look for bubbles. If bubbles come out of the side of the valve, it needs replaced.


Step 5

Check the ignitor. The ignitor is at the top of the burner unit. The unit is held in place with a screw. Remove the screw and orient the ignitor in a way that it will not touch anything. Turn on the Mosquito Magnet. The ignitor should turn red hot after a few minutes of run time. If it doesn't, the ignitor will need to be replaced.


Contact Mosquito Magnet customer service if the problems persist.

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