How to Make Sure You Do Not Get Bed Bugs

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Things You'll Need

  • Hand sprayer

  • Isopropyl alcohol

Bed bugs are extremely small biting bugs that typically require the services of a professional exterminator to remove from your home. You can bring a bed bug home from a trip in which you have stayed in hotels or other places infested by these pests; they can even "hitchhike" in the luggage you used on the trip. Preventing bed bugs involves cleaning and decluttering your home. You can also use an inexpensive spray to help prevent bed bugs, although it is not completely effective.


Step 1

Remove all excess clutter and trash from your home frequently. Make sure you vacuum floors to remove any dirt.

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Step 2

Change sheets frequently. A newly washed set of sheets every week can help reduce the opportunity for bed bugs to thrive.


Step 3

Wash all sheets and bedding in very hot water and dry them at the highest heat level in your dryer. This can help kill any bed bugs on the bedding or their larvae.

Step 4

Spray your mattress with isopropyl alcohol. You need to remove all bedding and lightly spray your mattress. Ensure the room has proper ventilation and you do not intend to use the mattress for several hours.


Step 5

Inspect your mattress for signs of bed bugs. Finding bed bugs as soon as possible can help reduce the infestation. When cleaning, always look for any tell-tale signs of bed bugs, like brown spots on bedding or any skeletal material shed by the bed bugs.



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