How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs With Homemade Formulas

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Things You'll Need

  • Diatomaceous earth

  • Herbs such as lavender, mint, cayenne pepper, cilantro, garlic and red pepper

  • Eucalyptus essential oil

  • Clove oil

  • Rosemary oil

  • Lavender oil

  • Water

  • Sprayer

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Steam cleaner

  • Large and small resealable bags

  • Eucalyptus leaves

  • Lavender

  • Cloves

  • Rosemary

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Bed bugs are an annoying pest that feed on the blood of pets and humans. They are so small that they can hide anywhere, so when you begin to eliminate the bedbugs from your home, you will need to pay special attention to small cracks and crevices. If you have a small problem of bed bugs, or you bought some furniture at a flea market, it is important to kill the bed bugs right away before they multiply. One female can lay 300 eggs and these eggs will hatch in 10 days.


Step 1

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth throughout the entire room. You can even put this on the bed and furniture, as it will not harm you or your pets. Diatomaceous soil is made of crushed fossils that cut through the bug’s exoskeleton killing the bed bugs.

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Step 2

Spread some herbs throughout the room, or use the herbs in a perfumed clothing bed or spray the room with these herbs. Some of these herbs include lavender, mint, cayenne pepper, cilantro, garlic and red pepper.


Step 3

Mix five drops each of eucalyptus essential oil, clove oil rosemary oil and lavender oil with 1 cup of water. Pour this into a spray bottle and spray any room that has bedbugs in it. This can stain whatever it comes in contact. Shut the door and windows to the room and do not enter it for one day.


Step 4

Spray the bed frame with rubbing alcohol.

Step 5

Rent a steam cleaner and steam clean the carpet and mattress.

Step 6

Wrap the mattress, pillows and anything that cannot go into a washing machine or dryer into resealable plastic bags. Close all seams and set the mattress out where the sun can shine on it directly. Leave it there for two or more days.


Step 7

Mix eucalyptus leaves, lavender, cloves and rosemary together. Place this into small bags and put these bags throughout your home. You can put them in closets, dresser drawers, under the mattresses or under beds.


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