How to Troubleshoot a Traco Window That Is Not Closing

Common window troubsleshooting techniques can be applied to Traco windows.
Common window troubsleshooting techniques can be applied to Traco windows. (Image: windows image by Adkok from

Traco is a manufacturer of new construction and replacement windows from light residential to heavy commercial plate glass. The three most common styles of window most homeowners will encounter are double- or single-hung pane over pane, horizontal sliders and casements. Each window will have its own peculiarities, but many common problems are simple to fix and common to all windows. Start with the simplest solutions first, before assuming that service or parts replacement will be required.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Utility knife
  • Weatherstrip
  • Allen wrench
  • Spray lubricant

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Pane Over Pane Windows

Examine the sill below the bottom sash for debris or loose screws. Dust or vacuum out the track at the bottom and sides of the window. Tighten all screws with a screwdriver.

Check the placement of the sash lock on top of the window. Attempting to close a window with the latch closed will cause it to remain partially open. Tighten the screws on the lock, particularly the half attached to the top sash. Test the window, and continue if the problem persists.

Check the weatherstrip on the bottom of the sash and sides of the jambs. Cut any loose weatherstrip with a utility knife. Check the bottom corners for bunching, which can keep the window up. Cut any bunched weatherstrip. Replace with new weatherstrip if needed and test the window.

Adjust the screws in the counterbalance located on the face of the jamb above the lower sash, when it is in the down position. Consult your manual for specifics. Turn the allen head set screw to the right to tighten the spring, or to the left to loosen it. Play with the adjustment until the window stays closed. Replace the mechanism with parts from the manufacturer if adjustment is not possible.

Measure diagonally corner to corner from top left to bottom right and vice verse. If the measurements are not equal, the window is out of square. Loosen the mounting screws in the jamb with the longer measurement with a screw driver two-to-three turns. Tighten the mounting screws in the top of the side jamb, which has the shorter measurement to pull the window in that direction, measure again and readjust as needed.

Sliding Windows

Check for debris, loose screws and weatherstripping in the bottom frame of the window as outlined for pane over pane styles. Clean the frame, tighten screws and cut loose weatherstrip. Check to be sure your latch is in the open position as outlined previously.

Shift the sash away from the jamb and grab it firmly along both sides. Lift up sharply, tilting the bottom of the sash out away from the window. Allow the sash to drop down clear of the window. Examine the nylon glides, or rollers. Clean debris and lint from the rollers with a small wire brush. Oil the wheels with spray lubricant. Clean any debris that may have been uncovered in the window track and reinstall the sash by lifting the top up into the track and tilting the bottom into place.

Check the window for square and make the adjustment as outlined previously for pane over pane styles.

Casement Windows

Open the window and release the catches at the inside top and bottom corners to remove the sash. Clean the track at top and bottom, cranking the handle to the closed position and then to the open position to access the entire track. Spray lubricant along the track.

Clean the jambs and check for loose screws and weatherstrip as previously outlined for pane over pane styles.

Remove the crank handle. This is accomplished, either by turning the window to the full open position (counterclockwise) and applying continued pressure to break the threads loose so that the handle spins off. Spray lubricant down into the seam around the crank bolt. Check the handle for stripping. Replace stripped handles with parts from Traco.

Reinstall the sash and close the window. If it is still not closing, check the frame for square and adjust as described in the pane over pane section.


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