How to Protect Walls From a Wheelchair

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Things You'll Need

  • Screw driver

  • Wall guards

Wheelchair guards protect walls in high traffic areas from damage.

A lot of damage is done to walls by wheelchairs when the walls are too narrow or have a lot of turns. Install wheelchair wall guards to protect your walls from this damage. Wall guards come in a variety of colors that you can match to your decor. Guards also come in various sizes, and they are available in clear plastic, white plastic or aluminum covered in vinyl.


Step 1

Decide which rooms need wall guards, and then determine the functional purpose of these guards. Some wall guards have handles that allow you to hold onto them in case of a fall. Other wall guards can be placed in certain areas like closer to the floor to prevent damage to the walls.

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Step 2

Decide what size guard you need. A 3-inch guard protects the wall from the bottom of your wheel chair and a 6-inch guard protects the wall at armchair level.


Step 3

Buy the guards online, at a medical supply store or from a major retailer.

Step 4

Use the screwdriver to secure the wall guards vertically onto the areas where wheelchairs do the most damage. Most wall guards come with pre-drilled holes and screws for fastening.


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