How to Identify Pioneer Chain Saws

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Pioneer has a long-standing tradition of quality chain saws

Pioneer chain saws are a popular chain saw brand that have been in circulation since the early twentieth century. Pioneer Chain Saw Corporation was based out of Canada, and was acquired by Husqvarna Group in 1979. Husqvarna still produces chain saws in the Pioneer tradition, and recognizing a Pioneer chain saw is a relatively simple and easy process.


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Step 1

The first and easiest way to identify a Pioneer chain saw from all others is to check the guide bar for a Pioneer logo. The guide bar is the extending metal part of the chain saw that the chain wraps around. Pioneer chain saws from all eras usually bear this logo. Later eras of Pioneer chain saws can also commonly be found with a Husqvarna logo on the bar, as their guide bars can be used in some Pioneer models. If you have an older model of a Pioneer chain saw, their logo can typically be found on the top cover, as well as on starter cover, which is on the side of the chain saw.


Step 2

Finding the serial number, name of manufacturer, and make of model is another way to identify a Pioneer chain saw.There are different methods to do this that are all relatively easy. If you take the guide bar off of the chain saw, there will be 3 sets of serial numbers;beneath them there will be the Pioneer name, and underneath that it will say made in Canada. The other method for identifying your chain saw as a Pioneer is to remove the top cover of the chain saw. After removing the cover, look for the serial number and name of manufacturer below the carburetor, closer to the fuel filter. The two kinds of manufacturers of Pioneer chain saws were Industrial Engineering Unlimited and Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC), so most Pioneers will have either one or the other. Finding the make of the model is also easy, as it will be located on either the top cover, on outside of the starter, or on the side of the top cover.


Step 3

Pioneer chain saws, especially the older models made during the 1950-1970s, feature some distinguishing characteristics that can be easily identified. Remove the top cover of your chain saw, and see what kind of fuel filter the machine has. The fuel filter is located near the starter. Some Pioneers made during the 1950-1970s have a bowl fuel filter, which looks like a fish bowl that can be unscrewed. Pioneer chain saws also feature a wrap handle bar that goes around the chain saw for grip.