Homelite Blower Troubleshooting

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Lean how to troubleshoot a Homelite blower.

Homelite Company makes all sorts of equipment for use in gardens, fields and farms: log splitters, chain saws, hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, weed trimmers and hand-held blowers for leaves and snow. Homelite products will last many years with minimum care and common-sense maintenance. Occasionally, however, even the best-maintained blower can give you some trouble. Do not get rid of the tool or rush to the nearest repair shop. Try troubleshooting and see if you can fix that blower yourself.


Step 1

Clean spark plugs with a dry cloth and remove any debris, leaves or oil that might have found its way into the spark plug's area. If there is still no spark, try starting with a new spark plug.

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Step 2

Check the fuel gauge and the level of the fuel. You should change the fuel every 30 days and use only the fuel indicated for your Homelite model.

Step 3

Remove the spark plug by turning it counter-clockwise until it pulls out. Turn the blower so that the spark plug hole faces the ground. Turn the choke dial to "RUN" and pull the cord used for starting 12 times.

Step 4

Clean and replace the spark plug. Pull on the starter three times while the dial is on "RUN." If this does not work, place the choke dial on "FULL CHOKE." If it still will not start, try replacing the spark plug.

Step 5

Clean and change the air filter when necessary. Check the filter after each use. Also check the oil and fuel levels after each use.


Keep extra air filters and oil on hand for our blower.


Never mix fuels and only use the correct fuel for you model blower.

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