How to Set a Little Giant Live Trap

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Little Giant live traps are made by Miller Manufacturing. These are humane traps designed to trap animals alive for transport to new locations. The traps are available in one- or two-door models. Use the trap most suited to the animal you hope to snare. Traps are available in a range of sizes, suitable for animals such as mice, rats, squirrels, possum and raccoons. Single- or double-door traps are set with bait in the trap.


Step 1

Select the proper sized trap for the animal you wish to snare. Ask a farm-supply store employee for size recommendations for the animal you wish to trap.

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Step 2

Open the metal door(s). Slide your choice of bait into the center of the trap. Choose an appropriate bait for the animal you with to catch. For example, peanut butter is a good choice for chipmunks, while a piece of old meat or bacon is good for raccoons.

Step 3

Place the bait in the bait housing. Carry the trap to a flat location where your odds of trapping the animal are highest. Grip the door handles on the top of the cage and pull them back toward the center of the trap until they snap into place, holding the metal doors up. Do not touch the metal bottom near the doors, as this triggers the trap doors to fall. When the animal steps on these plates, the doors fall, trapping it in the cage.


Handle trapped animals with gloves to prevent bites. Be aware of any rabies or disease outbreaks in your area and take proper safety measures when handling trapped animals.

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