How to Open a Liberty Safe With the Key

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Most Liberty safes use a key-locking dial to provide extra security beyond the combination lock.

Liberty safes keep a user's belongings out of the hands of thieves and protect the contents from fire damage with a layer of insulation. The basic Centurion model shields a user's property from a fire for up to 30 minutes, while the strongest Presidential and National models provide protection for up to two and a half hours. Most Liberty safes come with two ways to open them: a combination lock and a key-lock dial. This key lock is a secondary measure of security that is used to keep the safe's dial from turning.


Step 1

Insert the key into the safe's keyhole.

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Step 2

Turn the key one-half turn clockwise, or to the right.

Step 3

Remove the key from the keyhole. Turn the safe's handle to open the door.



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