DIY: Mud Jacking

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Things You'll Need

  • Cement drill

  • Slurry pump

  • Slurry

  • Cement grout

Mud jacking is a way of evening out concrete slabs by pumping mud or slurry underneath the concrete slab, instead of having to replace it. Though most people call professionals that deal strictly with this issue, it is simple enough for any do-it-yourselfer to accomplish. If you own a slurry pump or can rent one for a day or two, then you will be able to mud jack and even out any uneven concrete in your home.


Step 1

Drill a hole into the slab of concrete that you want to lift. The hole should be close to the area of the slab that you want to lift and large enough to fit the hose of a slurry pump into it.

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Step 2

Insert the hose of the slurry pump into the hole you drilled.


Step 3

Pump slurry, or mud, into the hole until the concrete slap you are looking to mud jack is lifted to the desired height.

Step 4

Pull out the hose, then apply cement grout, or non-shrinking grout, to fill the hole you drilled.


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