How to Figure Out Homelite Serial Numbers

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The Homelite company produces chainsaws, hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, log splitters, generators, blowers and pressure washers. In order to register or receive support for a Homelite product, you must provide the product's serial number. You may also need to locate the serial number to submit recall requests or to locate parts for your product.


Step 1

Locate the black data plate sticker attached to your Homelite product. If the tool is part of a combo kit, locate the data plate on the kit's case. The location of the sticker will vary depending on the product.

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Step 2

Locate the field labeled "S/N" or "Ser. No."

Step 3

Write down the nine-digit alphanumeric serial number.


If you aren't able to locate the data plate for your product, contact Homelite for assistance (see Resources).

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