How to Protect a Carport From Wind

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Carports are used by homeowners with limited garage space. The enclosure will protect any vehicles or toys -- such as cars, campers, boats or RVs -- parked within it. Carports are constructed from various materials, from plastic to metal, and are intended to protect these expensive machines from wind, cold, rain and snow. Unfortunately, an improperly constructed carport can become a victim of high winds and can become damaged, or may even blow away. There are several ways to protect a carport from wind.


Step 1

Anchor the carport to the ground. This can be accomplished with large bolts that come with the carport kit. The carport can be anchored on solid ground or concrete. Avoid anchoring the carport to any area that is exposed to lots of moisture, such as near a gutter downspout, as the ground will become moist and will cause the anchors bolts to come free.


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Step 2

Choose an area that is near a garage or any other main structure, such a large shed or a house, to install the carport. This will add an extra barrier from high winds.

Step 3

Build a carport that is constructed from metal instead of wood or plastic if you live in an area that is prone to high winds. These are more sturdy and will stand up against the elements more effectively.


Step 4

Construct the carport properly. Make sure that any screws or bolts on the trusses or rails are tight to ensure that the roof or any coverings on the carport will not blow off during a high gust of winds.

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