How to Troubleshoot a Sentry A5781 Safe

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Things You'll Need

  • Safe key

  • Owner's manual

  • Paper clip

You can use the tip of a paper clip to open your Sentry safe for the first time.

The Sentry A5781 safe features an electronic lock. It is big enough to store your valuables, including money and jewelry. A battery power indicator on the outside of the safe flashes yellow if the batteries are running low and need to be replaced. If the power is low and the electronic lock no longer works, you will have to use a key to open the safe manually. If the electronic lock is working but you still can't open the safe, you will have to use the combination dial to open the safe.

Change Batteries

Step 1

Insert the tip of a straightened paper clip into the small hole underneath the electronic lock.

Step 2

Apply pressure and slide the cover of the electronic pad to the right.

Step 3

Remove the battery cover and replace the four AA batteries with fresh ones.

Step 4

Replace the battery cover and slide the cover of the electronic pad back into place.

Combination Dial

Step 1

Turn the combination dial until the dial pointer is set to zero. Insert the key provided with the safe when it was purchased into the key lock on the outside of the safe. Turn the key clockwise until the plunger on the outside of the safe pops out. Remove the key.

Step 2

Turn the combination dial to the left, passing zero three times. On the fourth rotation, stop at the first number of your combination. The pointer should be pointing exactly to this number. The combination is printed on the front of the owner's manual that came with the safe.

Step 3

Turn the dial to the right and stop at the second number. Make sure the pointer is set to the correct number.

Step 4

Turn the dial to the left and stop at the third number of the combination. If there are four numbers in the combination, turn the dial to the right and stop at the fourth number.

Step 5

Pull up on the lever until the door of the safe opens.


If you've forgotten the electronic lock code, you must contact Sentry for help opening the safe. Refer to the link in the Resources section below for instructions on how to obtain a new code.


Be aware that changing the combination on your Sentry A5781 safe voids the warranty.

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