Twisted Tie Dye Machine Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • T-shirt

  • Large bowl

  • Warm water

The Twisted Tie Dye Machine simplifies tie dyeing.

Tie dying has long been an entertaining activity for both children and adults. Adults enjoy it because they can renew old clothing and exercise artistic skills. Children like it because it's messy, allows them to exercise their creativity and is relatively simple. The Twisted Tie Dye machine makes tie-dyeing even easier. It reduces some of the mess and makes tie dye feasible for those with limited dexterity.


Step 1

Fill a bowl with warm water. Add the three fixing agent tablets from your kit. Wait about two hours until the tablets dissolve.

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Step 2

Immerse your T-shirt in the water with the fixing agent. The agent helps the dye penetrate and stay in the T-shirt. Let the T-shirt soak for about two hours to make sure the fixing agent soaks into all the clothing fibers.

Step 3

Mix your dyes while the shirt soaks. Add a single color tablet to three of the plastic squeeze bottles from your kit. Fill the bottles up with warm water and cap them. Shake until the tablets dissolve. You may mix colors in the three remaining bottles to make shades of purple, orange and green.


Step 4

Lift your soaked T-shirt from the water and wring it out completely. Do not rinse it. You may roll your shirt into a neat cylinder or crumple and mash it into the inner tube of your Twisted Tie-Dye Machine.

Step 5

Slide the inner tube into the outer tube. The prongs in both of the tubes will catch on the fabric of the shirt. Twist the outer tube until your shirt is sufficiently twisted and the holes in the tubes are lined up.


Step 6

Squeeze dye from your bottles through the holes in the tubes. Saturate the shirt with as much color as you can without causing it to run. Let the garment sit overnight so the dye can really penetrate the fabric.

Step 7

Remove the shirt from the tubes and rinse it in cool water. Machine wash cold and hang it to dry.


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