How to Transport Balloons

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Balloons are almost a staple of celebrations. They bring merriment to the occasion and entertain children. Getting filled balloons to your destination can be a smooth process, and all that's needed are everyday objects to weight the balloons, along with large bags.

Things You'll Need

  • Balloons

  • Weighted objects

  • Large trash bags

Step 1: Get Balloons

Balloons can be purchased at party, grocery, and craft stores. You can fit about 10 to 30 balloons in a car's back seat, depending on the size of the car.


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Step 2: Organize Balloons

Group stringed balloons together and tie them to a weighted object. You can use a hand weight, can, water bottle for tying down. This will prevent the balloons from flying away. If the balloons do not have string, place them inside of large trash bags. Tie the bags shut.

Step 3: Load Balloons

Move the balloons to the car. You may need to make several trips. Be careful when placing balloons into the car so they do not pop.


Do not leave balloons in the car with windows rolled up. Balloons don't do well with heat or cold.

Step 4: Unload Balloons

When you get to your destination, check balloons to make sure ties have not come off. If balloons are in a bag, make sure the bag is still closed and no balloons have escaped. Secure any loose balloons. Remove the balloons from the car, and carry them to their designated area.


Have someone assist you with transport who can get any escaped balloons under control while you are driving.


Do not allow balloons to obstruct driver's vision.

Protect wildlife, pets and small children before, during and after transporting balloons: Ensure the balloons are secured with weights kept out of reach of young children and pets. When the balloons are spent, dispose of them in trash cans with secure lids so they don't endanger wildlife.


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