How to Repair a Poulan Chainsaw Pull Rope

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • New starter cord

  • Allen wrench

If you use your Poulan chain saw often, then you know the importance of the pull cord. Over time, the pull cord can become frayed, damaged, or break, leaving your chainsaw unable to start. You will need to repair the cord by replacing it with a new one. Why not try to do the job on your own instead of taking it to someone who repairs Poulan chain saws for a living? It's not hard to do, and you will save some money.


Step 1

Locate the four screws holding on the starter cover which covers the starter cord. Remove the screws and put them in a safe place.

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Step 2

Pull the starter cord out of the pulley two full turns.


Step 3

Remove the screw located in the center on the pulley and remove the pulley. Under the pulley, you will find a spring. Spray the spring with lubricating oil and set aside.

Step 4

Look for the enter clip which resembles a small cube that holds the cord in place. Pry off the center clip with the edge of a small screwdriver. Now you can remove the entire cord.


Step 5

Attach the new cord onto the pulley where you removed the old cord.

Step 6

Place the pulley back on the spring. You will know when it fits properly if it's catching against the spring. The cord should be coming from the bottom of the pulley.


Step 7

Push the new starter cord into the same hole that you just removed the old cord. Reinstall the screw that you removed from the center of the pulley. Use an Allen wrench to finish tightening the screw, but don't make it too tight.

Step 8

Remove the starter rope from the handle. Simply pry off the top on the handle with the edge of a small screwdriver and inside you will find a metal insert. Remove the cord from the metal insert by untying the knot.


Step 9

Insert one end of the starter cord into the hole of the starter cover, handle and metal insert. At the end, tie a loose overhand or double knot. Do not tighten the knot just yet.

Step 10

Pull the knot into the metal insert, and push the metal insert back into the handle. Pull on the cord making the knot tight.


Step 11

Wind the cord onto the pulley and then tension the recoil spring by pulling the cord out of the pulley for two full revolutions. Then feed the cord back into the pulley.

Step 12

Install the starter cover and secure in place with the screws you first removed.


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