How to Fix the Starter Rope on an Echo Blower

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Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Utility knife

  • Replacement cord

The Echo corporation manufacturers a number of outdoor power equipment tools including chainsaws, weed and hedge trimmers, edgers and leaf blowers. Like most small, two-stroke engines, Echo leaf blowers use a pull start. This is a cord wrapped around a recoiling pulley mechanism, which automatically retracts the cord after the operator pull-starts the engine. If you have an Echo leaf blower with a broken starter rope, you'll have to replace the cord to get the blower going again.


Step 1

Allow you Echo leaf blower to cool, if recently used. Do not attempt to work on hot power equipment or you might be burned.

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Step 2

Turn the Echo leaf blower over, having the pull-start cover facing upward. Locate the retaining screws holding the pull-start cover in place.


Step 3

Remove the cover by unfastening the retaining screws with a screwdriver. Put the screws in your pocket immediately so you don't lose them.

Step 4

Pull off the spring clip and then take off the washer as well as the pawl. The pawl is the short bar that catches in the notches of the starter wheel.


Step 5

Pick up the old pull-start cord and locate the cap. Pry the cap off by hand or use a flathead screwdriver to expose the knot in the cord holding it to the handle. Pull the cord out and cut it with a utility knife, then unwrap the cord from the recoil pulley on the Echo leaf blower.

Step 6

Insert the replacement cord into the handle and tie a new knot at the end. Pull the cord through the handle, then replace the cap on the handle.


Step 7

Insert the free end of the replacement cord through the starter cover, then into rotor on the recoil pulley. Tie a knot into the end you just feed through the rotor, then replace the pawl, washer and spring-clip.

Step 8

Turn the rotor counterclockwise until it stops and hold it still with your hand. Slowly allow the rotor to recoil, wrapping the replacement cord around the starter.

Step 9

Replace the cover on your Echo leaf blower, fastening the retaining screws with a screwdriver. Start your Echo leaf blower as usual.


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