How to Use Orange Oil on Leather

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Things You'll Need

  • Soft scrub brush

  • Cleaner containing orange oil

  • Water

  • Microfiber cloths

The use of essential oils has become popular because people are now making their own soaps, candles, perfumes and potpourri. They use essential oil to add scents and a distinct smell to their homemade products. Orange oil is derived from the rind of the orange and is used in products that range from aromatherapy, to cleaning products, to insect repellent. Some of the cleaning products that use orange oil are used for cleaning leather. Orange oil can remove scratches on leather and polish the surface.


Step 1

Remove any dirt or grime on the leather. Use a soft scrub brush for really stubborn dirt.

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Step 2

Dilute the orange oil cleaner in water, if necessary. Use one capful of orange oil cleaner for every gallon of water that you use.


Step 3

Use the cleaner straight from the bottle if no dilution is needed. Apply some of the cleaner to a microfiber cloth and rub it into the areas that need cleaning.

Step 4

Use a circular motion and wipe the area until the cloth is clean when it touches the leather. Rinse the area by rubbing it with a damp microfiber cloth and dry with a dry one.


Treat leather with a stain and waterproof sealer as soon as you get the item.


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