How to Get Leaves Out of Bark Chips and Flower Beds

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Things You'll Need

  • Rake

  • Narrow-headed rake

  • Leaf blower

  • Trash bags

  • Garden gloves

As trees shed leaves throughout a life cycle, the leaves fall to the ground. Some leaves can get snagged in bark chips or deposited in flower beds. You'll need to loosen any leaves embedded under damp chips or moist soil before you can remove them.

Step 1

Rake through the bark chips to loosen the leaves embedded between and beneath the chips. Moisture can trap leaves in clumps beneath damp bark chips, requiring force to loosen them.


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Step 2

Use a narrow-headed rake to comb through the flower bed. Keep the rake away from the flowers to avoid injuring them or pulling their roots.

Step 3

Direct the leaf blower toward the leaves in the bark chips and the flower bed. Blow the leaves into piles. If you have a wall nearby, blow the leaves against the wall to easily create a pile.


Step 4

Place the leaves into trash bags. Depositing them directly into trash bags is preferable to using a wheelbarrow because, as you work, the wind can blow away the leaves placed into a wheelbarrow.

Step 5

Wear garden gloves and pick out any leaves that remain in the bark chips and the flower bed. Deposit the leaves in the trash bags.


Bend at the knees and not at the waist and don't stoop over while raking and using your leaf blower. Stooping while working will lead to back strain.


Dispose of the trash bag of leaves as dictated by your city or county’s trash codes. Many cities and counties only allow yard clippings and leaves to be picked up by trash service on certain days of the month.


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