How to Make a Glass Plate

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Things You'll Need

  • Colored glass

  • Plate mold

  • Shelf primer

  • Water

  • Container

  • Paintbrush

  • Kiln

  • Safety glasses

  • Hammer

  • Paper sacks

  • Paper plates

Make a glass plate from several colored glass bottles of the same thickness.

A process used to make homemade glass plates is called slumping. Slumping glass uses reclaimed glass objects, heat and a mold to create unique and usual glass plates. Glass bottles, glass panes and broken glass are items that are used in the slumping process. The use of several colors of glass creates an interesting glass plate. It is important to use the same thickness and type of glass so the melting process will occur evenly when slumping a glass plate.


Step 1

Put on safety glasses. Place a colored glass bottle into a large paper sack. Close the top of the bag securely. Lay the bottle and bag on a flat surface and place the bag on its side. Break the bottle inside the bag into medium-sized pieces of glass. Pour the contents of the bag onto a paper plate. Repeat the process with the remaining glass bottles.


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Step 2

Prepare the plate mold for slumping. Paint four to five coats of shelf primer over the surface of the mold. Let the mold dry completely.

Step 3

Cover the surface generously with the broken pieces of glass. Place the plate mold in the kiln. Set the kiln to 1,350 degrees Fahrenheit.


Step 4

Close the lid on the kiln. Turn on the kiln. Allow the kiln to read 1,350 degrees Fahrenheit. Watch the timer and turn off the kiln after it has been at the set temperature for five to seven minutes. Turn off the kiln.

Step 5

Let the kiln cool completely before opening the lid. Remove the plate mold. Carefully lift the glass plate from the plate mold.


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