How to Fold a Chip Bag Without a Clip

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A simple folding technique keeps your chips fresh without requiring you to hunt for a chip clip.

Your stomach is rumbling and you are looking forward to a quick snack. You reach into your favorite chip bag, pull one out and bite right into a stale chip. If this has ever happened to you, then you know how frustrating and disappointing it is. Not only are you still hungry, but a whole bag of perfectly good chips has been wasted. You can easily avoid this situation by using a simple folding technique designed to keep your chips fresher longer without having to hunt for a chip clip.


Step 1

Press your hand flat against the empty portion of the chip bag, just above the chips.

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Step 2

Slide your hand upward to force out any air inside the bag.

Step 3

Start at the top edge of the bag and fold the bag in 2-inch increments away from you in a downward direction.


Step 4

Continue to fold the bag until the fold is 1 to 2 inches from the chips. Avoid folding the bag too close to the chips, as this may crush them.

Step 5

Hold the fold in place and use your thumbs to bend the top corners of the bag toward you, in the opposite direction of the downward fold.

Step 6

Keep your thumbs in place to hold the corner folds and flip the top fold back over the corners.



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