How to Keep Salads Cool at Picnics

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Things You'll Need

  • Cooler

  • Ice

  • Large bowl

Salads need to stay cold in the summer heat.

A challenge at picnics is keeping the cold food cold while out under the summer sun. The heat will spoil your salad if it gets warm, so you need to keep it cool for the hours it will be outside. If your salad spoils it will be inedible, and the time you spent on making it will be wasted. By using a large cooler and ice, you can keep your salad from going bad so everyone can continue to enjoy it.


Step 1

Fill the cooler about three-fourths full with ice. You want a lot of ice in the cooler, but you do not want to fill it entirely with ice so the top doesn't close.

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Step 2

Transfer the salad to a large bowl that can fit in to the cooler, if it is not already in a bowl that can fit.


Step 3

Form a depression in the ice for the bowl to fit, and place the bowl containing the salad inside.

Step 4

Move the ice around so it is all around the bowl. Do not simply have the bowl sitting on top of the ice. That will not keep it cold for long. When a good amount of the ice starts to melt, drain the cooler, and add more ice.

Step 5

Open and close the cooler quickly while it is being used to keep the ice from melting.


Wrap the top of the bowl with plastic wrap when it is outside to keep bugs from getting in the salad. Try to keep the salad under the shade, if you can.


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