How to Use Dishwashing Liquid With Weed B Gon

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Things You'll Need

  • Weed B Gon

  • Dishwashing liquid

  • Water

  • Spray pump

Kill weeds in your lawn more effectively by adding dishwashing liquid to Weed B Gon

Weed B Gon is a brand of weed killer that works in less than 24 hours to kill more than 250 types of weeds. The weed killer attacks the weed at its roots to ensure that it won't grow back. The weed killer will not harm your grass if you've made sure to purchase a Weed B Gon type compatible with your lawn. For best results, spray when temperatures are below 90 F and when the weeds are actively growing. Add mild liquid dishwashing soap to help the solution coat the weed's leaves. Do not use antibacterial soap or soap that contains bleach, as this could harm the grass.


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Step 1

Add 2 oz. of Weed B Gon to one gallon of water in your tank sprayer if you are spraying the weed killer on northern grasses. Use 1 oz. if you are spraying the weed killer on southern grasses.

Step 2

Add several drops of dishwashing liquid. The dishwashing liquid will act as a surfactant to help the weed killer coat the leaves. Surfactants are substances that help a liquid coat a material easier.


Step 3

Close the spray pump lid, and pump it several times to mix it.

Step 4

Spray weeds individually, or spray a light layer across your entire lawn. Avoid spraying flowers and vegetables, as well as ornamental trees and small shrubs. The spray will not kill healthy plants, but may harm them.


Immediately contact a poison control center if you’ve swallowed the solution.

Rinse your eyes out with clear water for 20 minutes if you’ve gotten herbicide in your eyes.