How to Remove a Dent with a Hair Dryer

Car dents aren't only unsightly reminders of an accident. They can also bring about further damage. A dent that exposes a metal surface can cause rust. Repairing these dents can also be costly if you take the vehicle to a car body professional. However, some dents that are small enough, like the occasional parking lot ding, can be repaired at home with a hair dryer.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean rag

  • Hair dryer

Step 1

Clean off the dent surface and surrounding area.

Step 2

Make both sides of the dent accessible, if possible. For example, if the dent is on the car's hood, open the hood part way so you can reach the dent's underside.

Step 3

Turn on the hair dryer. Hold it about two inches from the dent's surface.

Step 4

Check the dent's malleability every two minutes by gently pressing in the dent's underside or rubbing the surface around the dent. If the area is malleable, apply pressure and push out the dent.


Use this technique with extreme caution. While using a hairdryer to remove a dent won’t damage your paint, it could cause permanent damage to the metallic structure.

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