How to Make a Secret Stash Compartment in the Ground

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Burying your valuables is a good way to keep them safe.

In these troubling economic times, people are more worried about keeping their valuables safe from burglars or other threats. It's good to have a stash of money stored away in case of emergency or to use on a rainy day. You can spend hundreds of dollars on a safe that can be cracked by thieves, or you can find less-expensive, just as effective ways to bury your cash and other valuables, like burying them underground.


Make a Waterproof Container to Stash Your Valuables

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Step 1

Place your valuables in several layers of plastic baggies. Put the bags into a long PVC pipe, along with a silica gel pack to keep out mildew.

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Step 2

Seal the tube with the threaded end caps using epoxy, extreme pressure wheel bearing grease or another adhesive.


Step 3

Dig a hole near your house to bury your tube. Dig the hole so it is at least a foot deep. Place a rock or other object over your buried object so you know where to find it in the future.


It's a good idea to make stash tubes with PVC pipe since it won't corrode underground. If you decide to make your stash out of metal or buy a metal case, bury it near metal fence posts so it can't be found by metal detectors.