How to Clean Grease Out of a Suede Couch

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Things You'll Need

  • White dish towel

  • 2 to 3 tbsp. cornstarch

  • Soft-bristle brush

  • Soft pink eraser

Remove grease from a suede couch with cornstarch.

Suede fabric, like leather, cannot withstand cleaning with water. Other stain-removing tactics are required to combat stains such as grease on a suede couch. Grease absorbs quickly into suede, requiring products that pull the oily substance from the material without damaging or discoloring it. Removing stains such as grease from a suede couch help the furniture to stay looking new and clean.


Step 1

Blot excess grease from the suede couch with a white dishtowel. Remove as much of the grease as possible without pressing it farther into the fabric.

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Step 2

Pour 2 to 3 tbsp. of cornstarch onto the grease stain. Gently pat the cornstarch into the suede fabric. Allow the cornstarch to remain on the couch overnight. The cornstarch pulls and absorbs the grease from the suede material.


Step 3

Brush the cornstarch from the suede couch the next morning with a soft-bristle brush. Apply additional cornstarch if the grease stain remains. Allow the cornstarch to remain on the suede for two to three hours, then brush it away. Repeat the cornstarch treatment until grease is completely removed. Remove all the cornstarch residue by brushing it from the couch with the soft-bristle brush.

Step 4

Rub a soft pink eraser gently over the affected area of the couch to restore the pile of the suede.


Remove grease stains as soon as possible to make the process easier.


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