Mixing Directions for Captan Fungicide

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Things You'll Need

  • Protective gear

  • Sprayer

  • Water

  • Captan fungicide

  • Stirrer or agitator

Growing crop plants comes with a number of obstacles and risks, from drought to insects to poor soil. One trouble that farmers and growers can fight against is the growth of fungus and disease among plants. Fungicides such as Captan can prevent diseases like black spot, mold and fungus infections on tree and vine crops like apples and grapes. Captan fungicide must be diluted with water before applying to fruits, or else the chemicals will do more harm than good.


Step 1

Wear protective goggles and a face shield or respirator when handling Captan fungicide to avoid inhaling chemical fumes. You should also wear protective gloves to avoid hand contamination.

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Step 2

Fill your pump sprayer or sprayer tank with the water needed to treat your crops. Keep track of how many gallons you use, as the amount of Captan needed for mixing is measured by gallon of water.


Step 3

Add 2 tbsp. of Captan for each gallon of water used in your sprayer. Agitate or stir the mixture for at least five minutes to ensure that the fungicide powder dissolves completely in the water. The mixture is ready for use.


Wash all of your clothing thoroughly after handling Captan.

Most fruits require 2 tbsp. of Capstan per gallon of water. Some severe disease cases, or some resistant plants, may require up to 5 tbsp. of Captan per gallon. Consult specific product instructions regarding specific plants for more details.


Captan fungicide is a dangerous and highly toxic chemical. Never handle Captan without proper protection. Keep away from animals and children. Follow all product instructions regarding safe application.


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