How to Stop Crab Apple Trees From Growing Their Fruit

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Things You'll Need

  • Fruit-eliminating chemical

  • Spray applicator

Chemical sprays can prevent fruit from growing on a crab apple tree.

The key to stopping the Crap Apple Tree from growing its fruit is to stop the fruit at just the right time and apply a chemical to the tree that disrupts the fruit-growth process. The timing of the application is critical to the success of the product. You must spray your tree when the flowers are in mid to full bloom. Different tree sprays are available on the market, which include hormone disrupters and insecticides. The hormone disrupting chemicals break down into ethylene, which is a plant hormone. This is the stress hormone, which will prevent the tree from producing fruit. It is important that you do not use these chemicals on trees that are already stressed, such as those that are diseased or living in drought conditions. Further stress to the tree can permanently damage the tree.


Step 1

Wait until environmental and tree conditions are perfect for spraying your tree. Daytime temperatures should be between 60 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and your tree should be in mid to full bloom.

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Step 2

Prepare your foliar spray by mixing the desired amount with water by following the directions on the package.


Step 3

Spray your tree using a spray applicator and thoroughly covering the tree in the chemical mixture; however, do not overspray causing run-off. Too much product can damage the tree, but too little product will not prevent the tree from bearing fruit.


Buy these products at your local garden store or online. The most popular brand of fruit eliminating chemicals is Florel.

If you have a small crab apple tree, you can handpick the spent flowers and fruit to prevent the tree from growing more fruit.


Follow all directions on the product labels.

Dispose of excess chemicals at your local chemical disposal site. Do not throw these chemicals in the trash or wash into sewer systems.

Keep all people and pets away from any areas sprayed by chemicals until the chemicals are dry.

Do not apply this product on a windy day because the chemicals can harm other plant life or humans.



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