How to Make a Mud Bath in Your House

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Things You'll Need

  • Tub

  • Screen

  • Water

  • Thermometer

  • Clay

  • Volcanic ash

  • Essential oil

A mud bath can help you relax and unwind.

Many people spend all day and hundreds of dollars being pampered at a luxury spa. This relaxes your muscles and eases your mind, causing you to forget about all of your day-to-day stresses and worries.Many spa treatments and packages include a mud bath. You don't need to visit a fancy spa to have one. You can create a mud bath right in your house.


Step 1

Make sure your home is equipped for a mud bath. You will need a large enough tub for you to sit in comfortably. It will need to have a fully functioning plug.

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Step 2

Turn on the tap in your tub, or fill your free-standing tub with water using buckets. Spas often use bottled spring water, but tap water will work. The water should be about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a thermometer to check the temperature.

Step 3

Place a small screen over the plug or drain of your tub if you're not using a freestanding tub. The screen will prevent your tub from clogging when you drain your mud bath.

Step 4

Fill the tub about halfway and start adding clay and volcanic ash. These substances will thicken the water to the consistency of mud. Continue adding more water, clay and volcanic ash until the mud bath reaches the consistency you want. The consistency is entirely up to you.


Step 5

Add several drops of essential oil to make your mud bath more fragrant. Oils like lavender and rosemary will be strong enough to cover up the mud bath smell.

Step 6

Soak in the mud bath for approximately half an hour. You can stay in the mud bath until the content start to get cold, but this usually takes a half hour.


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