How do I Cut a Hole in Enamel Ware?

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Enamel ware is the process of coating a metal, such as steel or aluminum, with an enamel coating. This type of process is commonly used for cookware, as it preserves the metal underneath, which adds durability and longevity. Enamel ware is stain resistant, and the coating can be subjected to extremely high temperatures without cracking. Made of rock agate or granite particles that cover metal, cutting a hole requires two separate steps to get the job done correctly.


Things You'll Need

  • Metal Drill, Size Determinate

  • Drill

  • Tile Drill, Size Determinate

Step 1

Place a tile drill bit into the drill chuck and tighten it down. Choose a bit that will cut the correct-sized hole for your needs.

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Step 2

Cut through the enamel ware coating with a tile drill bit. Use moderate pressure until the enamel has been cut away to expose the underlying metal.


Step 3

Remove the tile bit and replace it in the drill chuck with a metal cutting drill bit.

Step 4

Position the metal bit at the exact point where the enamel ware has been cut through, and drill through the metal base that has been exposed. Once through the metal, stop drilling when the other side of the enamel ware has been reached..

Step 5

Remove the metal drill bit, replace it with the tile drill, and finish cutting the hole out through the enamel with the tile drill bit.



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