How to Get Rid of New Mexico Ground Squirrels

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Things You'll Need

  • Back hoe

  • Shovel

  • Humane trap

  • Bait

  • Motion detecting device

New Mexico ground squirrels can damage property.

New Mexico ground squirrels gain their name because they inhabit the state of New Mexico. These squirrels will eat garbage, chew on trees and will create an intricate system of underground burrows that can destroy a property. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ground squirrels can also harbor the fleas that carry Colorado Tick Fever. It is possible to eradicate New Mexico ground squirrels from a property.


Step 1

Introduce natural predators to the ground squirrels to the area. Dogs such as dachshund will hunt ground squirrels in their burrows. Snakes can also be introduced to the areas and will hunt and consume the squirrels.

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Step 2

Dig up the burrows. Heavy machinery, such as a back hoe, may be required if the burrows are intricate and deep, as ground squirrels can dig burrows up to 30 feet deep. If the burrows are shallow, they can be dug up with a shovel. Once the burrows are destroyed, the squirrels may either be killed or will look for another residence.


Step 3

Set up a humane steel trap on the property. Bait the trap with an orange slice or a dollop of peanut butter. Leave it for several days and once the squirrel has been caught, it can be released in an alternate area that is several miles from the home.

Step 4

Install motion detecting devices onto the property. Once the squirrel walks past the device, it will either emit a high pitched noise or squirt water at the squirrel, both of which will cause the squirrel to exit the property.


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