How to Install P-Trap Gaskets

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Things You'll Need

  • Bucket

  • Water pump pliers

  • Dry cloth

  • Beveled cone gaskets or square-cut slip-joint gaskets

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A P-trap is a P-shaped pipe attached to the drain of the sink. It consists of two pieces. The straight pipe that enters the wall is called the wall bend. The curved section of the P-trap is called the J-bend. The J-bend connects the wall bend to the drain extension. P-traps are constructed of PVC, ABS or chrome-plated brass. Replacing a P-trap is a fairly common plumbing repair. It can become worn and begin to leak over time. A leaking P-trap can also be caused by a faulty gasket. Replacing the gasket is a simple task.


Step 1

Place a bucket under the P-trap to catch any water remaining in the P-trap.

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Step 2

Loosen the slip nut on the wall bend by turning it counterclockwise with water pump pliers. Turn the slip nut on the J-bend counterclockwise with the water pump pliers.


Step 3

Remove the P-trap by pulling the J-bend loose and twisting the wall bend counterclockwise.

Step 4

Clean the wall connection threads with a dry cloth.

Step 5

Place a slip nut and gasket over the drain extension. Use a beveled cone gasket for PVC P-traps. Metal P-traps will need a square-cut slip joint gasket.


Step 6

Place a slip nut on the wall bend over the seal that connects to the P-trap. Place a second slip nut on the wall bend and follow with the appropriate gasket.

Step 7

Place the wall bend in the wall connection and place the slip nut over the threads. Turn it clockwise to start it, but do not tighten it.


Step 8

Place the J-bend on the drain extension. Align it with the wall bend. Turn the slip nuts clockwise to tighten by hand. Tighten the slip nut on the wall bend. Turn all slip nuts one-quarter turn with water pump pliers.

Step 9

Turn on the water faucet and inspect the P-trap for leaks. If the P-trap leaks, loosen the slip nuts and realign the joints. Tighten the slip joints and inspect for leaks.


Metal P-traps require brass friction rings to be placed between the gaskets and slip nuts to prevent leaks.


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