How to Hang a Wheelbarrow

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Things You'll Need

  • Stud finder

  • Pencil

  • Wheelbarrow mounting bracket

  • 3/4 inch screws

  • Electric screwdriver

  • Tape measure

Hang wheelbarrows when not in use.

Wheelbarrows help with gardening tasks, but they can be a problem to store. If you leave them outdoors, exposure to rain and temperature changes will cause rust and degrade the handles and wheel. When stored indoors, they take up precious storage space. One solution for storing a wheelbarrow in a garage or shed is to hang it on a wall. By installing the proper supports, you can hang the wheelbarrow securely until the next time you need it.


Step 1

Examine the area where you want to hang the wheelbarrow and find a section of wall that is not in the main flow of traffic.

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Step 2

Place your stud finder flat against the wall and turn it on. Move the stud finder along the wall until you locate a wall stud, which is a wooden beam behind the wall. Mark the locations of the stud with a pencil.

Step 3

Push the wheelbarrow up to the wall with the front wheel pointed toward the wall and the front of the wheelbarrow touching the location of the wall stud. Place a pencil mark on the wall at the location where the top of the wheelbarrow meets the wall. You want to hang it up to get it off the floor but be low enough so you can get it down safely. Pull the wheelbarrow back from the wall.


Step 4

Place the bottom section of the wheelbarrow mounting bracket against the wall one inch below the pencil mark, according to The Family Handyman website. This height allows you to push the front of the wheelbarrow down into the bracket instead of having to lift the heavy wheelbarrow up to hang it. The two hooks on the bracket should face upward. Insert screws into each of the screw holes on the bracket using an electric screwdriver.


Step 5

Push the wheelbarrow back up against the wall and position the front of the wheelbarrow into the hooks of the installed mounting bracket. Lift the handles of the wheelbarrow up until the wheelbarrow is in a vertical position, pointing at the floor. Use a pencil to mark the location where the top metal edge of the wheelbarrow meets the wall and then lower the wheelbarrow back to the ground. According to the Stellar Content website, this is the simple way to mark the top mount location, although you can also measure the length of the wheelbarrow with a tape measure.


Step 6

Place the top part of the wheelbarrow mounting bracket in the location you just marked, with the latch opening facing downward. Insert the supplied screws into the two screw holes using an electric screwdriver to secure the top mount to the wall.

Step 7

Place the wheelbarrow into the bottom bracket just as you did previously and lift the handles up until they are flush with the wall. Pull down on the top mounting latch until it clicks over the top of the wheelbarrow and secures it in place.


Wheelbarrow mounting brackets and hangers are available at home improvement stores.


Ensure that all screws are firmly anchored into the wall stud. Choose an out of the way location to hang your wheelbarrow because you don't want to knock into it every time you need something from your garage.


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