How to Write Dates on Wedding Invitations

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Ring on a wedding invitation.
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Creating your own wedding invitations offers the opportunity to customize them any way you like. Since wedding invitations are among the most formal types of invitations in the style and format of the wording, the date should be completely spelled out in letters rather than written in numeral form. Practice calligraphy or a fancy writing style on paper before penning the dates on an actual invitation.


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Spelled-Out Specifics

Traditionally, numbers or numerals are out of place on a wedding invitation. Write out the entire date, even the year, such as, "Saturday, August the ninth, two thousand and fourteen." The words "the" and "and" may be eliminated from the written-out date, based on personal preference. Only the names of the day and month are capitalized.

Learning the Lettering

If you wish to create the fancy invitation lettering yourself rather than using a printer or a professional calligrapher, practice, practice, practice. Find a font or letter style you like, then copy it over and over again on scrap paper using a quality pen that distributes ink evenly. Move up to a calligraphy pen once you have the style down to add the thicker lines and curls and straight lines found in some calligraphy fonts, or stick with the same type of pen you are comfortable with, if you prefer. Practice one more time on an extra invitation card before lettering the rest.


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