How to Weave Rope

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Learn how to make your own rope.

We use ropes in construction, seafaring, hunting and other outdoor sports and activities. They are made out of strands of fibers or wire woven or braided together. You can make ropes from nylon, cotton, manila hemp, metal and nearly any other material that can be arranged into flexible strands. Ropes have been used since prehistoric times. The earliest forms were probably made out of plant fibers that were then woven to make stronger ropes.


Step 1

Gather the fibers of your rope material. Spin the material into yarns. Twist the yarns into strands or threads.

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Step 2

Make three bundles of strands of the same length. Place the three bundles parallel to each other.


Step 3

Hold the strands in your left hand with your thumb and fingertips. Take a strand with your right hand and wrap round the right side of the other two (or more) strands. Keep in place with your left thumb. Wrap the next strand in the same way and hold in place. Repeat this until your rope is long enough.

Step 4

Tie a knot at both ends of the rope.


Nearly any fibrous material will work for a rope. Cotton is a great material to start with because it is soft, flexible and strong.

Burn the ends of rope made out of plastic fibers so the strands don't come loose.

Always weave the strands clockwise to avoid kinking.

A rope-making machine will weave higher-quality rope.


Keep rope strands tense at all times to avoid kinking.

Rope will generally last for five years. Inspect its condition regularly, especially if used in dangerous sports or activities.

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