How to Remove Ink From Wool

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Things You'll Need

  • Towel

  • Sink

  • Lemon juice

  • Powered laundry detergent safe for wool

Wool is made from the fur of sheep.

Wool is made from the fur--or hair--of sheep. Wool is commonly used in the production of clothing. Wool is highly flame resistant, which makes it a good choice for rugs and mattresses. Wool is also durable and able to pull moisture away from the skin, leaving the wearer feeling cool and dry. As with any fabric, wool can become stained. Stains such as ink can set into wool garments fast, ruing the garment for good. Ink stains can spread and cause a larger stain. You should remove ink stains as soon as possible. Fresh ink stains are easier to remove then old, set-in ink stains.


Cool Water Method

Step 1

Lay a clean towel on a flat surface. Place the wool garment on top of the towel with the ink stain facing up.

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Step 2

Fill a sink or with cool water.

Step 3

Submerge the wool garment into the cool water and allow to soak for 20 minutes.

Lemon Juice Method

Step 1

Hold the ink-stained area of the wool garment under a faucet.


Step 2

Run cool water over the stain until no more ink rinses out.

Step 3

Create a paste of 2 tbsp. of lemon juice and 4 tbsp. of a powdered laundry detergent that is safe to use on wool.

Step 4

Apply the paste directly to the stain. Allow the paste to sit on the wool garment for 30 minutes.

Step 5

Launder the item as you normally would.


Test the stain removal method on an inconspicuous area of the garment. If damage occurs, discontinue use.

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