How to Laminate Paper to Wood

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Things You'll Need

  • Flat wood piece

  • 220 grit sandpaper

  • Acrylic medium glue

  • Paintbrush

  • Damp cloth

Lamination is a process in which two materials are united as one. Laminating paper to wood is a technique that is useful for displaying photographs or other important documents. Glue is the easiest way to laminate paper to wood. Paper is a tricky material to work with as a laminate material, because it is fragile, and glue can eat away at it over time. A non-acidic archiver's glue is the best type to work with when laminating paper, because it keeps the paper from yellowing or aging quickly.


Step 1

Sand the wood piece with 220 grit sandpaper to remove any rough edges. Wipe the wood with a damp cloth when you're finished to get rid of dust. Wait for the wood to dry.

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Step 2

Put an acrylic medium glue on the back of the paper and position it on the wood board. Acrylic medium glue adheres paper to a variety of surfaces and can be used to create texture. If you can't find this type of glue, use acid-free liquid glue.


Step 3

Paint the surface of the wood with a layer of acrylic medium glue. Use smooth, downward strokes to apply the glue. Wait for it to dry and sand it with the 220 grit sandpaper to remove bubbles. Paint another layer over the surface and wait for it to dry. Sand it to remove any bubbling in the surface.


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